Jeannette Ardell Vogt
Miss Cobb County 1958

Miss Georgia 1958

Talent: Archery Demonstration
Pat Campbell Rich
Miss Cobb County 1959

Talent: Piano
Marquita Croft Nix Moore
Miss Cobb County 1960
(Deceased - August 2010)

Talent: Dramatic Reading
Trina Hoepner
Miss Cobb County 1961

Resigned in Spring of 1962

Alicia Clotfelter Willoughby
Miss Cobb County 1961
(Deceased - October 2018)

Assumed title when Trina Hoepner resigned 

Talent: Recitation of the joys, surprises and fun of teaching swimming to very young children
Michal Swenson LeVasseur
Miss Cobb County 1962

Talent: Reading of section of "John Brown's Body" entitled "Georgia"
Sheila Stringer Ott
Miss Cobb County 1963

Talent: Dress Designing
Lee Ann Denmark Burgess
Miss Cobb County 1964

Talent: Dance Routine to Peggy Lee's "Hallelujah I Just Love Him So!"
Judy Pirtle Anderberg
Miss Cobb County 1965
(Deceased - August 1999)

Talent: Original Art Display 
                "This is Lady Georgia"
Nancy McNeal Vaughan
Miss Cobb County 1966

Talent: Jazz Dance/A Medley - Dancing                                     through the ages
Donna Ray Schulten
Miss Cobb County 1967
(Deceased - August 1968)

Talent: Dance
Marilyn Olley Ashmore
Miss Cobb County 1968
and 1969

1968: Prelim Swimsuit Winner

Miss Georgia 1969 and Preliminary Swimsuit Winner

Talent: Dramatic Monologue to Love Theme from Romeo & Juliet/Dizzy
Phylis Secrist Grubb
Miss Cobb County 1970

3rd Runner-Up at Miss Georgia

Talent: Oboe and Saxophone Medley
Cynthia Cook Robinson
Miss Cobb County 1971

Miss Georgia 1971: Top 10 at Miss America
and Preliminary Talent Winner

Talent: Ventriloquist/Impressionist
Brenda Morris Winfrey
Miss Cobb County 1972

2nd Runner-Up at Miss Georgia

Talent: Vocal/Piano Medley
Terri Cagle O'Neal
Miss Cobb County 1973

Top Ten at Miss Georgia

Talent: Vocal - "Look to the Rainbow"
Mary Jean Pittman
Miss Cobb County 1974

Talent: Vocal - "One-Eyed Jack"

Susan Joiner
Miss Cobb County 1975

Top Ten at Miss Georgia

Talent: Piano - "Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C# Minor"
Pat McWaters Lehman
Miss Cobb County 1976

Top Ten at Miss Georgia

Talent: Piano

Terre Weaver Love
Miss Cobb County 1977

Top Ten at Miss Georgia and
Preliminary Swimsuit Winner

Talent: Vocal/Piano - "Let me be There" by Olivia Newton John 

Didi Lanier Womack
Miss Cobb County 1978

Top Ten at Miss Georgia

Talent: Vocal - "Nothing" from 
"A Chorus Line"

Cindy Blackmon Smith
Miss Cobb County 1979

1st Runner-Up and Preliminary Talent Winner at Miss Georgia

Talent: Vocal/Opera- "Il Baccio"

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Leigh Lee Keng
Miss Cobb County 1980

Talent: Piano

Mary Louise Dvorsak
Miss Cobb County 1981

Top Ten at Miss Georgia

Talent: Flute/Latin Medley

Ginny Parsons Borders
Miss Cobb County 1982

Top Ten at Miss Georgia

Talent: Ventriloquist Performance
"Dixie Land Medley" with 2 Friends, Josh and Abby

Nancy Gant Thomas
Miss Cobb County 1983

Top Ten at Miss Georgia

Talent: Vocal - "We Shall Behold Him"

Lisa Seagroves Nulph
Miss Cobb County 1984

Miss West Virginia 1988

Talent: Tap Dance - "Broadway Medley"

Jean Houston Shore
Miss Cobb County 1985

Top Ten at Miss Georgia and Prelim Talent Winner

Talent: Vocal - "This is My Beloved"

Kelly Taylor Harlow
Miss Cobb County 1986

Talent: Vocal - "Great Day"

Kelly Jerles-Blackwelder
Miss Cobb County 1987

Miss Georgia 1987 and Prelim Swimsuit Winner and Non-Finalist Talent Winner at Miss America

Talent: Vocal - Miss Cobb "Somewhere"
        Miss GA - "What I Did For Love"
       Miss America- "Where the Boys Are"

Rebecca Cook Williams
Miss Cobb County 1987

Assumed title when Kelly Jerles 
won Miss Georgia

Talent: Vocal 

Alexis Kelley Brown
Miss Cobb County 1988

1st Runner-Up at Miss Georgia and Preliminary Swimsuit Winner

2nd Runner up at National Sweetheart Pageant and Swimsuit Winner

Talent: Tap Dance- "In the Mood"

Stephanie Michels Haber
Miss Cobb County 1989

4th Runner-Up and 
Preliminary Talent Winner

Miss Georgia 1992

Talent: Vocal/Ballet en Pointe - Phantom of the Opera, "All I Ask of You"

Moving Forward to the 


Michelle Clem Harvin
Miss Cobb County 1990

Preliminary Swimsuit Winner

Talent: Vocal Performance 
                "Where the Boys Are"

Michelle Morgan Bettencourt
Miss Cobb County 1991

Preliminary Swimsuit Winner

Talent: Acrobat & Dance/Warsaw                      Concerto

Marika Angelle Mury
Miss Cobb County 1992

Top 10 at Miss Georgia

Talent: Song and Dance - 
                  "Georgia on My Mind"
Joanne Grogan Feldman
Miss Cobb County 1993

3rd Runner-Up at Miss Georgia Pageant

Talent: Ballet en Pointe -  medley from "West Side Story"

Laura Merritt
Miss Cobb County 1994

Preliminary Talent Winner

Talent: Ballet en Pointe -  

Wendy Greiner Stinnett
Miss Cobb County 1995

Preliminary Swimsuit Winner

Talent: Piano "Battle Hymm of Republic" at Miss Cobb and "Beauty and the Beast" at Miss Georgia

Meg Gillentine Morris
Miss Cobb County 1996

4th Runner-Up and Preliminary Talent Winner

Talent: Ballet en Pointe-  "At Last"

Candice Donehoo Pullham
Miss Cobb County 1997

Talent: Vocal Performance - "One Moment in Time"

Resigned - Accepted starring role in Broadway's touring company of "The King and I"

Laura Mitchell
Miss Cobb County 1997

4th Runner-Up and 
Preliminary Talent Winner

Talent: Classical Vocal - "Glitter and Be Gay"

Christine Perry Robertson
Miss Cobb County 1998

3rd Runner-Up and 
Preliminary Swimsuit Winner

Talent: Tap Dance - "Choo Choo Cha'boogie"
Katie Freeman Wasserman
Miss Cobb County 1999

Top Ten and Preliminary Talent Winner

Talent: Classical Piano - "Chopin's Fantastic Impromtu
Mandy Daniels Sitten
Miss Cobb County 2000

Talent: Vocal -  "This is the Moment"

Jana Mathena Boyles
Miss Cobb County 2001

Top Ten and Prelim Talent Winner

Talent: Opera - "O Mio Babbino Caro" from Gianni Schicchi by Giacomo Puccini
Kandice Pelletier Halpin
Miss Cobb County 2002

Top 15 at Miss Georgia

2003 National Sweetheart Winner

2005 Miss New York

Talent: Jazz en Pointe - "Steam Heat"
Sara Wyatt
Miss Cobb County 2003

Top 15 at Miss Georgia

Talent: Vocal - "Till There Was You"
Jenny Womack Black
Miss Cobb County 2004

Preliminary Swimsuit Winner

Talent: Piano - "Time to Say Goodbye"
Sara Buck Lane
Miss Cobb County 2005

Talent: Vocal - "You Raise Me Up"
Lauren Halford Settembrini
Miss Cobb County 2006

Top 10 and Preliminary Talent Winner

Talent: Classical Vocal - "Gretchen am Spinrade"
Lace Larrabee
Miss Cobb County 2007

Top 10 and Miss Congeniality Winner

Talent: Comedic Monologue - "Accents, INC"
Christina McCauley Locandro
Miss Cobb County 2008

3rd Runner up, Preliminary Evening Gown, and Overall Evening Gown Winner 

Miss Georgia 2010

Talent: Opera Aria- "Chi il bel sogno di Doretta"
Emily Cook Ward
Miss Cobb County 2009

Miss Georgia 2009, Preliminary Evening Gown

Talent: Oboe - "Carmen"
Casy Walker Walters
Miss Cobb County 2010

3rd Runner Up 
Preliminary Talent and Evening Gown Winner 

Talent: Tap Dance - "I Got Rhythm"
Briana Jewitt Gurley
Miss Cobb County 2011

4th Runner Up, Preliminary Evening Gown, and Overall Evening Gown Winner

Talent: Lyrical Dance - "You Haven't Heard the Last of Me"
Stephanie Burkholder Fisher
Miss Cobb County 2012

Top 10 and Preliminary Swimsuit Winner

Talent: Lyrical Dance - "I Stand"
Maggie Bridges Kearney
Miss Cobb County 2013

3rd Runner up 

Miss Georgia 2014

Talent: Vocal - "You'll Never Walk Alone
Taylor Voyles
Miss Cobb County 2014

1st Runner Up

Top 15 National Sweetheart Pageant

Talent: Vocal - "To Make You Feel My Love"
Patricia Ford Reeves
Miss Cobb County 2015

2nd Runner Up, Preliminary Swimsuit Winner, Overall Swimsuit Winner, Georgia Cotton Marketing Scholarship Award and
Top State Fundraiser for CMN Miss America Day of Service

Miss Georgia 2016

Talent: Ballet en Pointe - "Fuego"
Brooke Doss
Miss Cobb County 2016

1st Runner Up,  Overall Interview Winner, David Laney Legal Studies Award, and Top National Fundraiser for CMN Miss America Day of Service

Talent: Ballet en Pointe - "Carmen"
Chari Guzman Hodges
Miss Cobb County 2017

3rd Runner Up, Preliminary Talent Winner, and Medical Studies Award

Talent: Vocal - "Proud Mary"
Victoria Hill
Miss Cobb County 2018

3rd Runner Up, Overall Talent, Preliminary tie in Swimsuit and Talent, and Floreida Harrell Performing Arts Award

Miss Georgia 2019

Talent: Opera Aria - "Chacun le Sait"
Alexa Gilomen
Miss Cobb County 2019

1st Runner Up, and Preliminary Talent

Talent: Vocal - "Love Song"
Holly Haynes
Miss Cobb County 2020 and 2021

2nd Runner Up, and Miss Georgia Women in Business Award

Talent: Vocal - "Stand up for Love"
Carley Vogel
Miss Cobb County 2022

3rd Runner Up, and Floreida Harrell Performing Arts Award

Talent: Vocal - "Somewhere over the Rainbow"
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Moving Forward to the 


Moving Forward to the 


Ludwidg Louizaire
Miss Cobb County 2023

3rd Runner Up at Miss Georgia

Talent: Vocal -
Audrey Kittila
Miss Cobb County 2024

Talent: Violin - "The Phantom of the Opera"