Named Georgia's Number One Cash Scholarship Competition 
1995 through 2021(26 Years)
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Miss Georgia 2024
Ludwidg Louizaire

Miss Cobb County provides the local link to the Miss Georgia and Miss America . This program spotlights the talents and achievements of the most outstanding young women in Cobb County, emphasizing their educational goals.

During her year of service, Miss Cobb County promotes our area by participating in various civic, social, and charity events. The production takes place each August, and Miss Cobb County reaches one of the highlights of her year by participating for Miss Georgia the following June.
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Audrey Kittila
Miss Cobb County 2024
Miss Cobb County's Teen 2024
Top Three
L-R: 1st Runner Up Riley Wolfe Rach; Miss Cobb County's 
Outstanding Teen Carrington Manous; 2nd Runner Up Melanie Tidmore
Carrington Manous
Miss Cobb County's Teen 2024
Miss Georgia's Teen 2024
Carrington Manous
Miss Cobb County 2024 Audrey Kittila with 
Miss Cobb County 2023 Ludwidg Louizaire
In Loving Memory of 
Susan McGary
Dedicated Supporter of the Miss Cobb County Scholarship Program
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Miss Cobb County's Teen 2024 Carrington Manous with Miss Cobb County's Teen 2023 Charlie Key
Miss Cobb County 2024 Top Five
L-R: 3rd Runner Up Taylor Burrell; 1st Runner Up Julia Deserio; 
Miss Cobb County Audrey Kittila; 2nd Runner Up Alex Arwood;
and 4th Runner Up Carys Feldman
Congratulations to Audrey and Carrington!